Commissions / Custom Engagement & Wedding Jewellery / by Welfe.
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Here is a selection of some of our favourite bespoke commissions we have worked on. Feel free to get in touch via the form below if you would like to have a piece of jewellery custom made, either for yourself or as a gift. All commissions are designed, made and finished by hand in our Melbourne workshop. We only use solid precious metals and prefer to use ethically sourced gemstones from Australia and around the world. We can (mostly) also use gemstones from your old heirloom jewellery.


Commission Form

Bridge/Relic Ring

18ct gold / Australian parti sapphire


A challenging engagement ring for a friend i know in the Architecture field. We took the eroded connection element from the ‘bridge ring’ in combination with the stepped geometry of the ‘relic rings’ to create a ring that had a lot of depth and layers to it. The strongest outcome from this commission was the use of the eroded texture on the underside of the gemstone allowing light to refract between the two, creating the effect of an underwater mountain scape or fjord. Sometimes things come out even better than you could have imagined.

Whirlpool Rings

18ct gold / white diamond / Australian sapphires / champagne diamonds


The concept for this engagement ring was a swirl of movement, the idea in its fluid form, scattered leaves, stones and water droplets captured in a moment.

The central stone is a certified fair trade origin Australia 60pt VS1 white diamond

We continued the theme with the wedding bands also, adding elements from the first ring into the others.

Diamond Solitaire Ring

18ct gold / 71 point white VS1 diamond


This custom engagement ring was a commissioned by E.G. Etal Gallery. Looking for a contemporary take on the diamond solitaire, this perfect emerald cut diamond is held securely by an eroded yellow gold setting. The contrast of the two elements enhances the beauty of each component.

Pyramid Sapphire Ring

18ct gold / Australian parti sapphire


This custom engagement ring was a designed for E.G. Etal Gallery as a variation on the pyramid diamond ring. The Australian sapphire used reflects colours of green, blue and yellow. The pyramid forms carry all the way through to light shaft underneath.

Octagonal Sapphire Ring

18ct gold / Ceylon sapphire


This custom engagement ring was a designed for a couple from Sri Lanka. They wanted a sapphire from their own country, combined with a striking octagonal geometric design that steps back underneath the stone.

Peach Sapphire Ring

14ct gold / peach sapphire / champagne diamonds


This custom engagement ring was a designed for a customer in the UK via email. The challenge was to find three stones that complimented each other in colour and shape. The central princess cut gem is a peach sapphire, and two champagne diamonds sit either side in an asymmetric layout. The 14ct yellow gold ring is partially eroded and gives the impression of being on fire and alive.

First Impressions Ring

18ct gold / ruby / white diamonds


For my sister Phoebe / I removed the stones from these two Michael Hill Jeweller rings she has had for 7 years and created a wax impression of the space between them, preserving their memory and detail (note the tiny gold heart). This was then cast in 18ct yellow gold and the stones re composed intuitively in the spaces allowed by the form.