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Welfe / 2009 – Now


Welfe Bowyer, a graduate of the Victoria School of Architecture in New Zealand, has always been interested in designing three-dimensional forms. An award-winning student, interested in texture and materiality, he began experimenting with jewellery design while working in Architecture. This allowed him a perfect medium with which to conceptualise, experiment and create on a different scale. In 2009 he began his own label entitled ‘Welfe.’ with an idea to bring all his knowledge of process and concept development into the jewellery world.


2009 – Now


The aesthetic direction of Welfe. jewellery has its emphasis on form and structure, manipulation of scale and materiality, and utilisation of unique textures, wether from found objects or created by hand. Welfe. designs intend to be challenging yet highly functional, comfortable yet unique, mixing precious materials with unique natural gemstones, pearls and found objects. His influences are varied, with inspiration drawn from artists such as; sculptors Richard Serra and Joseph Beuys, artist Anselm Kiefer, and architects Carlo Scarpa and Gordon Matta-Clark.

By Appointment

Inside Captains of Industry


The Welfe. workshop and showroom is based in Melbourne, Australia as a part of Captains of Industry. Clients are welcomed to take part in choosing the perfect local materials for each commission, wether it is for an engagement proposal, wedding or anniversary. Inside, you can also purchase pieces from his contemporary collection including rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and cufflinks.

Two By The Pool Engagement Ring in eroded 18ct gold with diamonds and an Australian Sapphire by Welfe.

Your Finished Piece

Tailor made for you


All Welfe. collections are designed, created and finished by hand in the studio workshop. Welfe. sources gold and silver from Australia as well as diamonds and sapphires. Australian Sapphires are a particular favourite for their variation in colour from stone to stone, giving so many unique possibilities. All of our diamonds are sourced from Western Australia and come as certified fair trade ‘Origin Australia’ diamonds. If you wish to learn more about the materials we use feel free to get in touch.