Âmes Perdues / 2017 collection / by Welfe.
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Âmes Perdues / 2017

Âmes Perdues, the tenth collection by Welfe, invites us to imagine precious memories from past lives lived. Lives we have lost, escaped or abandoned. exploring the impression left behind as time and texture takes hold of our totems. Are they pieces from our own past lives or that of a beloved? Alchemic landscapes fuse metals of silver and gold and grow patinas of smoke and charcoal. Juxtaposed natural form with architectural sectioning creates strong yet wearable silhouettes. Strings of balance and asymmetry, ornate with beads of pearls, hawks eye, moonstone and precious metals combine their energies to form insight into what we once were, and give us energy to grow and challenge who we are now. Compositions of green and blue sapphires, topaz, and pearls take centre, while lost gems appear dug out, leaving deep faceted impressions and clues to their history.